Tales from Brussels’ Cureghem Neigbourhood.


As in every neighborhood, there are tales told each day in Cureghem. Cureghem Tales invites to you get to know stories and tales related to a good future for all people in the neighborhood – or to tell them yourself. Find out about or share challenges the area and its dwellers, business community and other users are facing,  and present or explore sites, spaces and activities that already contribute to a good and sustainable life for all or could do so in the future.

A special asset of the Cureghem Tales are click-through maps – our Cureghem Atlas. In our interactive maps, you can find locations with pictures and short stories, so that you and other visitors can find them again when walking through the neighborhood.

If you too would like to find your tales, your places, your business, the opportunities or challenges for Cureghem here, please contact – we will be happy to edit your story and make it available here for the Cureghem community itself and for potential newcomers to the area.